Thursday, February 12, 2009

I remember...

It is my mother's death anniversary tomorrow and I was remembering the fun things about my mother.
I remember, after my younger sister was born, there was this old rocking cradle, in which she slept and I wanted to have a turn in lying in it too. I was a little over 4 then and my mother allowed me a turn in it.
I remember that when my younger brother and I played pretend games, she played along with us--if we turned a flat table over and said it was a boat, she'd tie a cloth to the legs for a sail; if we made a long line of chairs and said it was a train, she'd bring food--as in trains in India normally have and once she even brought us lunch in a tiffin carrier.
I remember too her going for a movie--'Escapade in Japan' and realised it was the story of two children and then telling us the story in detail. That whole scene is so vivid in my mind.
She sang well and so we learnt a wealth of songs.
I remember, but now I can no longer verify.