Sunday, February 17, 2008

Unfortunately my sharpest memory of boarding school is not very pleasant. I contracted Hepatitis A in my second year there, and it was a pretty bad attack. I remember being repeatedly sick and being put in the infirmary (yes, that's what our sick room was called). The worst thing about Hep A during it's worst stages, is the total lack of interest in food and the puking! The time I got it was near Easter and my mother had ordered for a big chocolate Easter egg to be delivered to me. The sisters very kindly brought me a piece of the egg. I took a bite of it, more because my eyes were hungry, and probably brought it all up! I couldn't look at chocolate Easter eggs for quite a while.

After about 10 days there, (so it seems to me now), my mother landed up all the way from Bombay, to take care of her very sick chick. What a relief it was to see her! She promptly got permission for me to leave the hostel till the doctor certified me free of the Hep A. She then stayed with me somewhere nearby for around 2 weeks, by which time I could atleast look at food without loathing. She then brought me down to Kerala for our traditional treatment of Hep A. But by then I was rid of the Hep A virus. I went back to school around a week later.


  1. Hi there. I was in Lovedale only for three years - 1989 to 1992 (Class VIII to Class X)

  2. Hi Hillgrandmom, I have just finished enjoying reading the blogs I had missed. Your bording school experiences reminded me of the time when I was about 6 or 7 and spent my first nights away from home. After a few nights i was so lonesome that my great Aunt called my father to come after me. I still remember her saying this to my father " Next year she will be a little older and can come back and spend more time with me".That never happened because that wonderful sister of my grandmother passed away that winter. Thats probably why I never forgot her words. I still remember how beautiful looking and how very sweet she was.
    In another of your posts you mentioned your love of riding horses. My favorite also, but had to stop years ago when I broke off my tailbone. That meant no more horse riding or motorcycle riding. But my love for horses still exists today. My youngest sister calls my home a "Shrine to Horses" as it is filled with all type horses made from so many different things plus anything that has to do with horses. I have years of collected items- many were gifts.
    Good to see you are back posting.

  3. Hi has no-one ever told you your blog is like an advanced eyesight test ~??!? I can barely read those colours against white!

    hep A is meant to be horrid. in fact all hepatitis. I do hope you made a 100% recovery

    take care


    "vol 2"...

  4. Just checking to see if there were any posts here that I had missed. Couldn`t just check without leaving a "Hi" to you. Have a nice week-end.

  5. Hi I came across you via Bimbimbie's... your blog is fascinating though I have to say I had to highlight it before I could really read anything. I'm not a dog and I STILL couldn't read much even with glasses ON!

    I've been immunized against hep A so "supposedly" I should not catch it... doesn't it come from infected food &/or water..?

  6. Could you change your font colour a bit darker against the white background ?
    I don't know if it is my eyes, but it is very difficult to read.

    Thanks HGM

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