Sunday, October 16, 2011

I lie with my eyes shut waiting for my headache meds to take effect.  I remember a bad headache when I was maybe 5 or 6.  Then the room where I lay came into view, like watching an old movie.
It was the guest room in the palatial house we lived in, in Bandra, Mumbai.  My mother had got the walls painted a delicate shade of lilac, almost the colour of these lilacs.
(from Wikepedia)
 The curtains and the bedspreads were in white cotton fabric on which there were flower borders,   embroidered in cross-stitch, in the same lilac as the walls.  This is the nearest likeness.
 On the bedside tables were tall white metal candlesticks converted into lamps, and with white lampshades.  There was a beautiful rosewood vanity table/dressing table against a wall, which too, as I seem to remember,  had white cotton circular doilies on them.  That was the done way of dressing up the vanity table those days.
I then took a walk through the house and the thought came up, that sadly I can no longer check out how true my memories are, because that house is no more, having given way to a huge flat.

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