Friday, July 20, 2007


I was born in Bombay, the Bombay Salman Rushdie writes about in Midnight's children (which was what so attracted me in the book).
My earliest memory is living in a flat, which I'm told was called Ben Nevis, somewhere near Kemp's corner. I still have hazy memories of verandas facing the sea and the sound of the sea. I'm told we stayed there from when I was around 2 till I was 4.
My younger brother must have been around(there is only 20 months difference between us), but I can't remember him, though I do remember going to a nursery school nearby--Villa Theresa apparently. As I can remember, I enjoyed school.
The Bombay skyline of that time was already mostly flats--particularly in that area. But life was far less frenetic than today. The skyline in that area has certainly changed a great deal, but has retained enough of the old to give me a faint sense of familiarity when I visited after many years. I loved being a Bombayite!
This was very much a part of the skyline in my growing up days--gracious Bombay


  1. Nice... Glad to see you posting again. What's your first memory? Someone remarked its usually something scary or sad, and at least in my case, I found myself agreeing.

  2. hgm,
    i know i'm going to love reading this.

  3. Hi Hillgrandmom, I like those old style buildings. There are so few of them left around here anymore. Most have either been torn down and replaced with newer less attractive ones. They even redid the fronts on some others. They had such great architecture on most older buildings. I think the architecture helps make the skyline look even better.


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