Friday, August 3, 2007

Pixelchick asks what my first memory was. Well I thought I'd do a little post on that. My earliest memory is a happy memory. I remember the flat and my high chair at the dining table and a cornflour pudding in the shape of a pink rabbit, waiting for me. I didn't like drinking milk and so my mother made these for me most days. We used to get Brown and Polson's custard powder in various colours and flavours. So my mother used to make one for me for tea and I remember the pink rabbit so well. This is somewhat like that except this is jelly.

Another memory from those times was not so nice. I used to go from school to a much older married cousin's house and be there for a while till I went home. Well, one day, while my cousin was sleeping and his wife was looking after me, I drew coloured pictures all over a wall of theirs!. They were a newly married couple then and the poor wife was horrified and told her husband the minute he woke up. He growled at me for his wife's sake and that was all. But I remember the terrified feeling, wondering whether I would get a spank or get shouted at.
Both these memories are from before I was 4 (I think).

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