Friday, April 6, 2018

Hill Road, Bandra, Mumbai

When I was around 4, we moved from Napean Sea Road, in Mumbai to Mt.Mary Road, now apparently called Hill Road.  It was a huge British Bungalow, opposite the St. Stephen's Anglican church.  I used to often walk across by myself, to church to go to Sunday School.  At that time Hill Road did not have much traffic, especially on a Sunday.
So I was thrilled when my niece, who had just started working in Mumbai, said she had found a bed-sit for herself on Hill Road, very close to St. Stephen's Church.  I looked it all up on Google maps to see how much it must have changed.  I last visited Hill Road maybe i 1999.  I am now looking forward to visiting her some time to renew my acquaintance with the road in it's latest avatar and certainly to slip into St. Stephen's as well as Mt. Mary Church.

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