Sunday, July 8, 2018

Goats and kids

I have written earlier about staying in Kerala with my maternal aunt.I remember the visits as idyllic times.
 It was an old-fashioned farm. There were many cows and milk was sold. There were many hens too and maybe eggs were sold too, though I can't remember.  I remember that more than once, when I went to stay, my aunt would buy a pregnant goat, so that when she gave birth I could have goat's milk.  But my big thrill was having the kids to look after.  I was usually allowed to be there at the birthing.  Once the goat had 2 kids and I think on another occasion there were 3 but the memory is probably false.  It was lovely watching the kids being born and then watching them stand up on unsteady legs.  But in about a minute they would be jumping around.  I remember the first such goat I called Milly and the kids were just Milly's kids.  My aunt showed me how to milk the goat too and I was allowed to milk the goat--occasionally I guess.  The kids were my friends and I loved playing with them, with them running around behind me. 
I stayed with here on numerous occasions from when I was about 4 and for quite a while when I finished high school at almost 16 and many more times in between.  But to write about the times there requires many blog posts.

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